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At Socially, we assist companies and brands in developing and maintaining a social media strategy that is consistent with their own business and marketing goals.

With a team of social media experts, Socially offer a wide range of services to enhance your brand and build your online presence.  Our team will consult with you and determine your goals, review all of your current social media activity and then propose a plan based on the services we offer.

The services we offer include:

  •  Roadmap – Socially provide individuals and companies with a social media roadmap to help guide them through the early stages of developing and maintaining an effective social media presence which is consistent with their own personal or business goals.
  • Training – Socially help individuals and organizations implement their social media roadmap, provide social media training to ensure clients are confident about how to create social media content, what formats and sizes for which channel, how to effectively use a content calendar, how to automatically schedule posts, the purpose of hashtags, how to evaluate performance and more. Socially give clients the confidence to use social media based on an understanding of what they are trying to achieve, how they are going to achieve it and the tools necessary to both execute and evaluate.
  •  Campaign Management – Each social media campaign is a strategic effort aimed at accomplishing a specific business or marketing goal through the use of social media networks in a given time period. Socially manage and deliver such campaigns on your behalf independently or in collaboration with your team.
  • Strategy – Social media strategy services are aimed at those companies who have been using social media for a period of time, possibly for many years, but now feel the need for a reset. Socially can assist with evaluating all the current social media outlets and the channels being used and help our clients get clarity about what they are looking to achieve and how they to get there.

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