Cybersecurity Tools That Every Business Should Consider in 2019

Businesses ignoring cyber security has become a thing of the past. With the sudden increase in cyber-attacks and data breaches, cybersecurity remains at the front of many business leaders’ minds.

Starting a business is more like scratching an idea to a fully functioning and profitable entity is not easy. In addition to this, you have clients and their personal information to take care of. Right from your customer’s value and treasure of their lives, you as business hold the keys to many of the things and it is now your responsibility to protect their confidential and private information. But what seems to be more complicated is its execution! According to several reports, business owners are twice as concerned about data breaches and cyber-attacks as they were last year. This gave rise to a plethora of cybersecurity tools, consultants, software and hardware.

Cybersecurity Tools to take into account

PKI Services– Getting SSL for your website is another interesting option to take into account. SSL/TLS certificates (displayed as “https”) has the potential to encrypt data which is being sent between the customer’s computer and the SMB’s web server. PKI is an advanced version as it resolves many security concerns in a single go such as:

  • Allows multi-factor authentication and access control-
  • Encrypt email communications
  • Digitally sign and protect code
  • Authenticate the sender’s identity
  • Create compliant, Trusted Digital Signatures
  • Build identity and trust into IoT ecosystems


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Penetration testing– Another interesting way to test the security system of your business. Here cybersecurity professionals will use the same techniques utilized by criminal hackers to check for potential vulnerabilities and areas of weakness. It’s more kind of a mock test which incorporates everything from password cracking and code injection to phishing to simulate the kind of attack a business might face in future


Penetration Testing

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Firewall– One of the most common defense tools is Firewall. As the name suggests, its duty is to block any unauthorized access to your system. It features firewall monitors network traffic that aids you in deciding on if these should be able to pass freely onto your network or computing device or not. Well, this doesn’t mean the tool doesn’t have any limitations. With the field of hacking and cybercrime becoming sophisticated, hackers are found brushing up their skills to break the wall without much hassle. In fact, despite these limitations, when it comes to detecting the large majority of sophisticated malicious attacks firewall tends to be very effective in your business.


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Strong Antivirus Software– It’s easy to count the ways that tech did you wrong, especially when it came to information security. While on the other hand, plenty of good deeds offered by tech cannot be ignored such as antivirus software. Although many of you have this misconception, that firewall and antivirus are synonyms, but actually, they are not. Having a strong firewall and up-to-date antivirus software in place is very crucial to combat advanced hacking especially in 2019.

Antivirus software in general alert you to virus, malware infections, scanning emails, malicious attachments, web links and what not! It may also interest you to know that advanced programs do perform useful measures such as quarantining potential threats and removing them.

Train your employees– Social-engineering attacks are one of the common yet preventable attacks triggered by phishing attempts, improper web use or incoming phone calls. Staff training isn’t a tool, but it is worth considering. There are many training tools to consider to educate staff about the best cybersecurity practices. Employees especially the non-techie ones aren’t always ready to combat a cyber attack or know when they are being baited into one. In order to safeguard your empire, training sessions or simulations on spotting suspicious links or scam can make a huge difference. Failing to do so can leave you in such a position where your company becomes an easy target for hackers. Time to wake up and reward your business with long-term security and protection.

 This article was published on and written by Vikash Kumar