Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) To Launch Accelerator Programme in Ireland

Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) is a global network exclusively for male and female entrepreneurs that supports learning and personal grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and connection to experts. With over 14,000 members across 65 countries, EO Ireland was established in 2013 and now has 50 members.  

Sharing experiences with entrepreneurs in the earlier stages of their business led to the development of the EO Accelerator Programme.  Accelerator is the catalyst that enables first stage entrepreneurs to catapult their businesses to the next level. It is a two year learning programme for entrepreneurs with a turnover of €250,000 who want to grow their current business to exceed the €1 million mark.

Accelerator is a successful EO programme that has over 1,400 participants in 35 countries worldwide. The average number of employees in applicant companies is 3.3 and the average turnover is €450,000. EO is proud that female participation is 29% globally with the average age of all participants being 38 years.

EO Ireland, in partnership with Meath Enterprise, will launch the Accelerator Programme in Ireland starting on October 1st and offering 30 entrepreneurs the guidance and toolkits to grow their business.  This programme will cater for entrepreneurs from all types of businesses across Ireland. Along with structured educational content focused on the core areas of business, the Accelerator programme will afford a unique experience of learning to support the further development of entrepreneurial leaders in Ireland’s business community.

EO’s mission for Accelerator is to empower these entrepreneurs by providing access to experts, a specifically developed toolkit and the prospect to develop a peer network of shared experience to support their businesses. They will be given the opportunity to take control of their business through direct learning, access to mentors, expert leaders and peers.

Accelerator has four key focuses;

Strategy – Identifying a market opportunity and having clarity of the business proposition are features of growing a profitable company and are discussed in detail during this module.

Execution – Transitioning from a turnover of €250k to €1million requires a focus on execution to ensure discipline for consistent delivery of service/product is maintained. This module outlines the pertinent metrics to implement during this phase.

People -Identifying the people who will support you to grow your business and developing their skills within the business to take greater responsibility as it grows are key topics of this module.

Cash – Managing cash flow during a growth phase is critical and the lack of cash can so often be the downfall of what is a good business. Having a toolkit, as covered during this module, to understand the financial dynamics of your business in cash terms is critical to funding a growth phase.

The delivery of this programme has been planned around 3 pillars to maximise each participant’s opportunity to engage with and learn from the experience of experts, coaches and other participants.


  1. Learning days

There are four learning days per calendar year, one per quarter. These learning days will be held in the Meath Enterprise, Tech Hub in Kells Co. Meath and are led by a trained facilitator from the EO global team of facilitators. Members of this team are international experienced EO members with a wealth of personal experience. There is a full toolkit including practical tools such as spreadsheets and KPI measurement tools to support and implement improvement and scalable processes in each of the key areas of Cash, Strategy, People and Execution.

  1. Accountability Coaches

Accelerators are matched with other participants and split into six groups of five participants (Accelerators). Each group is appointed an accountability coach who is a current member of EO Ireland running an organisation with a turnover in excess of €1million. The accountability coach meets their group of five Accelerators monthly to discuss progress with implementing actions from the learning days in their business.

  1. Peer learning group

The greatest learning occurs from the sharing of experiences and the insights of participants during learning days and accountability coach sessions. There are opportunities to network at each learning day when all 30 Accelerators will be in attendance. There are various EO events throughout the year and all accelerators are invited to network with other business owners.

The course takes two years to complete with the first year of the program delivered over 9 months (an academic year) whilst the second part of the program is delivered over 12 months. The costs is divided across Year 1 at  €1,500 and Year 2 at  €2,000 which includes all course materials and lunch on training days.

 The first Accelerator Programme starts on October 1st and anyone interested can apply directly to EO Global Accelerator program or contact the people listed below





For further information please contact

John Cunningham                087 238 5188       john@epicom.ie

Louise French                       087 219 6391       louise@eoireland.org