Appmagical December at Kells Tech Hub

About this Event

At Kells Enterprise & Technology Centre we are passionate about learning through the use of exciting and innovative education technology.  We are delighted to welcome internationally renowned speaker  – Alice Keeler, EdTech expert who will be our Keynote Speaker at Ireland’s first Automagical Appreneur event.


Getting to know G Suite

Thursday 12th December 5pm to 8pm

G Suite saves your organization time and money and allows for increased collaboration in the organization. G Suite is 100% GDPR compliant. Privacy and collaboration improves your company’s bottom line.

Alice, Romain, and John will take you through an introductory experience this evening to see the magic in GSuite and expose the depth and power available for your business to harness.


Create your own Google App

Friday 13th December from 9am to 3.30pm.

Do you have an idea for a Google Add-on? Learn from Alice, Romain, and John, who have collectively created Add-ons installed by over 40,000,000 people, about each part of publishing an Add-on. We plan on covering the following topics

  • Coding with Google Apps Script
  • Deploying Webapps
  • Firebase as a realtime database
  • Google Analytics
  • Designing your app, graphical tools
  • Publishing your app
  • Marketing your app
  • Creating a website for your app
  • Monetizing
  • Licensing and Collecting payments
  • Funding opportunities in Ireland
  • Google Cloud Platform


Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for appreneurs who have an idea for a Google Apps Add-on or who already have coded an Add-on. This workshop will help you with designing your app, publishing, and marketing your app.

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Alice Keeler at Kells Tech Hub

Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler is a math teacher, G Suite expert, Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and Google Apps Script developer. Alice has authored 5 books, authors a popular EdTech blog, and has over 150,000 followers on Twitter. She teaches teachers how to integrate using G Suite and Google Apps into their classroom and codes custom solutions using Google Apps Script to allow for greater efficiency and improve teaching and learning.

Romain Vialard

Romain Vialard discovered the wonderful world of automations with the release of Google Apps Script, 10 years ago. He worked as a consultant for a G Suite Reseller, building intranets and automating internal processes thanks to Gmail, Drive, Google Sheets and the APIs Google built on top of these tools. At the same time, he started to create web apps and add-ons available to all Gmail and G Suite users, like Gmail Meter, Yet Another Mail Merge and Awesome Table. Those tools are now widely popular and among the top products on the G Suite Marketplace. He is also a member of the Google Developer Expert program.

John McGowan

John is the CEO of Unicorn Magic and the creator of g(Math), which had over 16 million users before it retired in January 2018. Automagical Apps are the portfolio of other Add-ons that John developed to help people simplify workflows and amplify effectiveness. FormRecycler and FormCreator are currently helping over 500,000 people be more efficient and productive!