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Meath Digital Innovation Hub

Meath Enterprise and BVFID are also in the early stages of developing specific infrastructural projects, collaboration and training initiatives in the technology sector that will focus primarily on Food & Ag-Tech, FinTech, Digital, AR-AI, Blockchain, Robotics and Machine Learning while our business networks provide direct access to all other sectors nationwide.


A planning application was submitted to Meath County Council in August 2021 for a new 28,000 sq ft Digital Innovation and Smart Agri Hub that will support the development and scalable expansion of Irish Foodtech and Agtech startups and SMEs.

The BV Digital Innovation and Smart Agri Hub (BVDISAH) aspires to bring together the fields of accelerated business and entrepreneurship, education, technology and research, to create a leading edge, multidisciplined centre of excellence, interfacing the Foodtech and Agtech sectors, in Navan Co. Meath, in the Mid-East Region with national and international impact. The BVDISAH mission is simple: to provide the right structure and environment to enable forward-thinking, highly ambitious food and agtech disruptors and entrepreneurs to benefit through access to; 

  • Space and technical supports – a new 28,000 sq ft build digital transformation innovation centre over 4 floors (compact growth commitment) built on an underutilised site to the front of the existing Enterprise Centre in Navan.Beyond the building, it will provide SME innovation and accelerator supports regionally and nationally.
  • Digital transformation of SMEs and people/talent pool (increasing productivity, future of work and digital inclusion)
  • Collaborations and future proofing regional ecosystem in consideration of climate and supply chain systems in a changing environment)