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Food R&D Lab


Here at the Meath enterprise, we offer a state of the art, fully equipped food lab. This lab was designed with food innovation and development in its very core. The lab is available to all cultural, academical and entrepreneurial SME’s.

We offer the use of a variety of equipment that you can use for your recipe formulation and protocol testing stage. To help you even more along in this process we have a full-time food technologist that has over 15 years’ experience in product development, that can help you with any queries that you have in relation to new product development.  This can be on recipe formulation? How you would complete micro testing, nutritional testing, and basic sensory analysis. This is only a snippet of the level of quality expertise available to you.

We also have sensory booths that are located just off our food lab. This is the perfect place for completing sensory analysis on new product innovations. These are purpose-built booths designed to enable a panel of sensory panellists to connect with their senses so that you can get a rounded sensory evaluation of your product.

The kitchen itself is a versatile space that could be used for:

  • Staff training
  • Food styling
  • Photography
  • Customer presentations
  • Food demonstrations

We also have a canopy that could support product launches and food demonstrations.

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