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MEW Student Enterprise Challenge 2020

The MEW Student Enterprise Challenge is an annual competition currently open to students of all secondary schools in Meath where students compete for the awards of –

  • Best Startup Business
  • Best New Business Idea

The purpose of the competition is to encourage and reward entrepreneurial creativity, innovation and participation amongst the youth of Meath while also providing a platform for aspiring young entrepreneurs to engage with and learn from leading entrepreneurs and businesses from across the region.

The MEW Student Enterprise Challenge, which is now in its Seventh year, has been an important starting point for many student start-ups in Meath and is an excellent opportunity for students to meet potential business advisors, mentors and investors.

Even though Covid-19 makes it very difficult to coordinate such events we are really looking forward to working with you to meet these challenges head on and continue to support your students in developing their entrepreneurial skills and mindset.


Categories / Prizes

The winning students / businesses will receive;

  • Best Startup Business                                 Best New Business Idea
    •  1st – €600                                                      1st – €400
    • 2nd – €300                                                     2nd – €200
    • 3rd – €150                                                      3rd – €100
  • Best 5 Minute Pitch                    
    •  €250

The winning schools will also receive the following;

  • Best Startup Business Winner                  Best New Business Idea Winner
    •  €600                                                                €400
  • Best 5 Minute Pitch                    
    •  €250

Entry Requirements

  • The MEW Student Enterprise Challenge is open to all students attending secondary school in Meath.
  • Applicants can be teams or individuals (5 max per team).
  • As there will be no heats this year, competitors will instead submit a 5 minute video presentation of their ‘new business idea’ or ‘startup business’ (before 12th November) for review and assessment by our panel of judges who will then decide who goes forward to the virtual Grand Final on 17th November #MEW2020
  • Applications for #SEChallenge20 will open on 23rd October 2020. Schools should submit all applications / entries by emailing the following information to
    • The total number of entries / teams per school,
    • The name(s) of each entry or team,
    • The name(s) of the student(s) in each team,
    • A brief synopsis of each idea or business (max 100 words)
  • The deadline for confirming applications / entries is Thurs 5th November 2020.


All competing students / teams will be required to submit a 5 minute video presentation of their ‘new business idea’ or ‘startup business’ no later than 12th November 2020.

These video presentations / submissions will be reviewed and assessed by our panel of judges before deciding who will progress on to the Virtual Grand Final on 17th November #MEW2020

Decisions will be made and based solely on the information supplied as part of the video presentation / submission.

No additional information will be considered before or after the video video presentation / submission.

The decision of the judges is final.


Winners will be announced at the end of the MEW Student Enterprise Challenge Virtual Grand Final which will take place during Meath Enterprise Week #MEW2020 on Tuesday 17th November.

Awards (Trophies & Medals) will be sent to the schools directly within 1-2 days of the final and all schools / teams will then be required to arrange photos and/or video interviews of the winners, and all other finalists, being presented with their awards by their principals and/or teachers.

These individual and group photos and videos (of all winners and finalists) should then be sent to within 2-3 days so that we can promote and share same and then arrange for cash prizes to be approved and issued to all winning teams and schools as required.

The final will be videoed, photographed and/or recorded by Meath Enterprise therefore all participating students are required to have full consent for same prior to application and may be required to participate in and/or facilitate video interviews, photoshoots and/or virtual / online recorded interviews as part of the competition. All photos / videos / interviews etc will be shared on our websites and social media platforms as well as being used for press releases and promotional purposes.

Winners of the 2019 MEW Student Enterprise Challenge

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